Patty Urena

@PattyCakkes25 Patty was born and raised in the city of Santa Monica, she's currently in school majoring in Fashion...

Grace Stavert

@GraceStavert Grace was born and raised in Montreal. She has been modeling for about 3 years and currently still m...

Shelly Hayes

@BombShellRae Shelly Hays is a model based out in San Diego, CA. She is from a small town in Michigan. At the age of...

Alexis King

@_ilikelexx Alexis King is a small town girl from Texas that loves fashion, fitness, music, and art. Not only is Ale...

Ela Rivera Ela Rivera is currently a full-time student for business administration. She runs an insurance business with...

Gabriel Verdugo

@Gabee_2bae Gabe was born and raised in Carson, Ca. He has always been involved in sports, especially: football, bas...
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