Julio Lopez

His name is Julio Lopez, raised west of the 405 in 2 cities he calls home; Venice and Santa Monica. Julio is 25 years old an a self taught photographer. A recent college graduate from Cal State Long Beach where he received a Bachelors Degree in Marketing.
Since he is from the city by the beach; he loves the beach, sunsets, nature and traveling. You can see that reflected in his work. The first time he got into photography was back in 2009, when he bought a Sony Digital camera. In 2010, he bought his first DSLR and the rest is history. Becoming more obsessed with photography, he would ride his bicycle anywhere he could; just to have new place to shoot. YouTube and google was and still are his best friends, when it comes to learning new techniques and the basic fundamentals to be a photographer.
Julio stuck with photography because to him, it's a way of keeping his imagination alive! Working a 9-5, it's hard not to get used to your daily routine and lose the will and ambition to do what you love, but photography is different story. Photography helps to enjoy the small things in life, it gets him outside to go places he would never have been and it also serves as a stress reliever. Photography brings excitement, happiness, it is also sense of adventure like no other hobby he has done before. Photography is an art form but in the end it comes down to HIS eye, imagination and HIS camera... the results are endless!
Julio currently uses a Nikon D750 along with a 50mm and 24mm prime lens. He uses his 24mm for landscapes, sunsets and his 50mm for portraits and street photography. Along with his lens, he carries a tripod and a self timer remote to aid him in his photography endeavors.
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